Sean Penn: Druglord and murderer a nice guy


Sean Penn would have loved Stalin.  If there is a murderer, despot, or tyrant in the world Sean Penn finds a way to express his love.  He defended the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez to the point he called for the arrest of anyone who called the dictator a dictator. He interviewed and did a puff piece about despotic Castro brothers saying that the media tries “demonize perceived enemies” like the two brothers.

In his latest Penn interviewed Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán for Rolling Stone. While El Chapo was caught last week, Penn’s interview was done while the murderer and drug dealer was on the run. In typical Penn American-hating style he tries to make the killer look like a “nice guy,” and tries to blame the U.S. for everything the Mexican did wrong.

In the introduction to the interview, Penn describes Guzmán as a type of Robin Hood.

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