SCOTUS Opens Door for Home Invasions, Rape and Murder


On Monday, the Supreme Court refused to hear a lawsuit challenging a San Francisco ordinance that requires all handguns be kept in a locked case or have a trigger lock in place. The only exception would be to allow anyone living in the home that is 18 years old or older to physically carry the gun on them while in the home.

Several gun owners in the San Francisco filed a lawsuit challenging the city’s ordinance claiming it violated their Second Amendment rights. A key part of their argument was the 2008 Supreme Court ruling in the Heller case which stated such a law clearly violated a gun owner’s Second Amendment rights.

The lower courts all ruled in favor of the city and against the gun owners, so they tried to take their case to the Supreme Court, figuring they would uphold their previous ruling in the Heller case and overturn the city’s ordinance. It takes at least four Supreme Court justices to agree to hear a case, but this case only garnered the support of two of the nine justices, meaning they would not hear arguments and did not have to give a reason for their refusal.

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