Scientists Call Global Warming ‘Hot Air’, Show Evidence to Prove It!


TEMPE, Ariz. — Man-made “global warming” is a fantastic fable that needs to debunked. That’s the general outlook of scientists, academics, journalists and other researchers who convened for the third congress of Freedom Force International (FFI), which ran Dec. 2-4 at the Marriot-Tempe “on the Buttes” resort hotel near Phoenix. The event was named, “Global Warming: An Inconvenient Lie.”

It offered a staggeringly different narrative on “global warming” and “climate change” compared to the harrowing themes peddled in our “learning” institutions and in the orthodox press, as this writer heard covering several conference speeches and live streaming video news segments with participants that can be viewed at:

FFI, led by widely respected Federal Reserve investigator-author G. Edward Griffin, welcomed an array of speakers to Tempe. They explored “global warming” from several angles, including the “mainstream” media’s intensely biased stance, as well as the role played by K-12 education, the scientific community, general academia, governments, the United Nations, etc.

This writer covered the FFI event for American Free Press.

All these institutions recite the same anti-human narrative that people are a blight who are arrogantly warming the earth through the routine release of carbon dioxide and other “greenhouse gases” via industrial, agricultural and other emissions.

And we’re constantly told that, lest we mend our ways very quickly, we’re all supposedly in mortal peril from this perceived global warming, amid claims of melting ice sheets, rising ocean waters, droughts, flooding, starvation, riots, water wars, etc.

The FFI conference offered credible evidence to the contrary—even including the topic of geo-engineering and weather modification—thereby adding a new, compelling dimension to the climate issue.

All told, FFI members and guests felt their conference was successful in adding much-needed balance to the debate, via realistic perspectives which show that what little “global warming” may exist is not caused by man-made industrial and agricultural emissions, but instead is caused by solar variation and other factors.

Plus, modest carbon dioxide atmospheric increases, conference participants agreed, can be seen as a largely positive thing since CO2 is the “gas of life.”

Accordingly, CO2 increases would give rise to more lush vegetation and greater food supplies. That challenges the standard fright-peddling narrative that global warming is not only being caused by man-made emissions, but also that CO2 is a virtual “toxin.”

Mathematician Lord Christopher Monckton of the UK told The TRUTH HOUND, on hand reporting on the conference for American Free Press, that flawed math is being used in conjunction with computer-based climate models. That, he said, results in exaggerated predictions of global temperature increases.

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