Schwarzenegger for President, 2016?


by Spencer Brown

America’s favorite Austrian and action movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger is reportedly interested in becoming President of the United States. There’s just one small problem: he’s not American, by birth anyways.

Which, for those of you who have been spectator to the “Birther” issue regarding the presidential eligibility of President Obama, presents quite the problem. It is still a law, per the US Constitution, that a person must be an natural-born citizen of the United States in order to hold the office of the President. For the aging Schwarzenegger, that is not a possibility – he was born in Thal, Austria.

So, what’s a body builder turned actor turned governor turned baby daddy turned actor again turned presidential hopeful to do? Change the rules of course, to allow a non-natural born citizen of the United States to run for and be inaugurated as the President of the United States. But since the requirements for eligibility are outlined in Article II of our Constitution, a simple law passed by congress is not enough to let Arnie’s name on the ballot.

To allow the ‘Governator’ to possibly become the ‘Presinator,’ a constitutional amendment would be in order – not an easy task. Such an amendment would require either a constitutional convention called for by 2/3rds of state legislatures, or a 2/3rds majority of the House and Senate to agree to it. Which, if you’ve you taken a breath lately, you realize is nearly impossible.

Clearly, an uphill battle awaits Schwarzenegger, should he choose to challenge the requirements.

Beyond the legal ramifications, are the personal challenges Arnold faces and would need to overcome in his quest to become the first Austrian POTUS. There’s that little matter of his infidelity to Maria Shriver (a part of the Kennedy dynasty), and subsequent love child with their maid.

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