School gives 12-yr-old Girl Contraceptive Implant Without Parental Consent


It’s interesting to reflect on which issues schools consider worthy of a note home to parents and which they don’t. In March, I wrote about a Pennsylvania school that sent a permission slip home alerting caregivers that their children would be modeling plate tectonics using (heavens!) Oreos. Contrast that with the actions of the “governors” at a school in Hull, England, who allowed city workers to administer a contraceptive implant to a 12-year-old girl without notifying her parents.

In fact, an entire year passed before Bernadette Jessop learned that her daughter, Layla Rylands, had received the hormone-releasing implant. Upon discovering what had transpired, Jessop was incredulous.

According to the article, the school Layla attends — Ashwell Academy — is for students with “complex needs.” Sexual health workers from the city council visited the school in 2014 to teach students about contraception. While there, the workers took it upon themselves to implant the matchstick-sized rod under the skin of any girl who seemed “competent” to decide on the procedure. Apparently, Layla was the lone candidate.

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