School Forces Standardized Test on Autistic Child In Spite of Parent’s Objections


by Karin Piper

North Forsyth Middle School in Cumming, Georgia, forced the state mandated ‘high-pressure’ standardized test on a student with autism not once, but twice, ignoring pleas and warnings from the parent to exempt the child from such assessments. This begs the question, where do parental and individual rights end, and government control begins?

Justin Wheeler, an 8th grade special needs student at North Forsyth Middle School in Cumming, Georgia, went to school Wednesday with two letters in his hand to the school from his mom, and a note pinned to his shirt that read, “I refuse the CRCT. It is my right to refuse based on my parent’s wishes. The ACLU and media have been notified and sent evidence of your intent to violate my rights.”

These notifications from Justin’s mom, Stacy Lee Wheeler, also included repeated letters, phone calls and emails asserting her parental rights and individual rights to opt Justin out of Georgia’s State standardized tests.

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