Scholarly Journal Discovers REAL REASON HILLARY LOST (She Ran A Crappy Campaign)


A new study by the Wesleyan Media Project and published in the scholarly journal: The Forum: A Journal of Applied Research in Contemporary Politics explains why Hillary Clinton lost the campaign.

Her loss had nothing to do with FBI Director Comey, or Vladimir Putin. The reason for Hillary’s loss is what we all knew but the Democrats refuse to accept, she ran a really crappy campaign. As a matter of fact the study found that Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign was “without a doubt one of the worst-run political operations in years.”

For example in the rust belt states where President Trump earned surprise wins (Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania), the Clinton campaign didn’t advertise until the very end when it was obviously too late. Trump advertised at lower levels, but began much earlier which gave his ads time to build and convince.


Trump’s ads were generally issue oriented. However according to Wesleyan very little of Clinton’s ads focused on policy. When they compared the last four presidential campaigns (eight candidates)  Clinton’s advertising ranked dead last in terms of presenting policy positions. About a quarter of her ads were purely about her positions on issues. Clinton’s ads focused on identity politics rather than trying to appeal to the broad electorate, and/or instead of presenting her stance on issues her ads attacked Trump.

Nearly half of all Clinton campaign airings were negative whereas over half of Trump campaign airings were contrast spots, which discussed Clinton negatively but also provided information about Trump.

You may remember all the times commentators were saying that Clinton didn’t do a good job of explaining why she ran. Apparently saying “I am a woman” and “Trump sucks” didn’t work.

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