Scheme to Destroy West with Mass Migrations Bears Obama’s Fingerprints


The destruction of Europe unfolds before our very eyes, as it absorbs hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing Syria, where Obama has pursued a devastating civil war for the last four years, and Iraq, where ISIS gobbles up huge swaths of territory, beheading and immolating Christians and Yazidis at will. Our president combats ISIS with 7 air sorties a day, a third of which return to base still carrying their payload. His destruction of Libya provided a convenient launching point for human trafficking to Europe.

Thousands of others, more properly called “migrants,” flee unrest, poverty and oppression from Afghanistan, Somalia and Eritrea, headed for Europe—mainly Germany, which let it be known they’d take 500,000 migrants a year, or more. Many of them are Muslims, promising a culture clash with the West, which is mostly Christian.

The clash manifests in violent protests and the skyrocketing incidence of rapes. It seems Middle Eastern Muslims are unable to process the sight of western women’s uncovered hair and—to Muslim eyes—scanty dress. They interpret it as a green light for sexual abuse. In spite of this, EU leaders welcome the hordes descending upon them, even evicting their own citizens to house them. The project is not popular with native Europeans whose street protests are met with charges of racism, from their governments.
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