Say What?! Supporting Enemies and Attacking Law-abiding American Citizens


by Paul Hair

Abu Sufian Ibrahim Ahmed Hamuda bin Qumu and his Ansar al-Sharia in Darnah group are terrorists according to the U.S. Department of State. Bin Qumu and Ansar al-Sharia in Darnah appear to have been leading figures in the September 11, 2012 attack on U.S. personnel and installations in Benghazi. But aside from the obvious implications of the State Department designating bin Qumu and Ansar al-Sharia as terrorists, their designation is a reminder of how a growing number of individuals and groups, along with the U.S. government, support enemies even as they attack law-abiding American citizens.

The U.S. government had captured and held bin Qumu at Guantanamo Bay until 2007 when it released him. The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) helped play a role in defending him. The CCR issued a press release about Guantanamo Bay in 2011 and had this to say (HT: Michelle Malkin):

News organizations around the world have covered the leaks of allegations against men currently and formerly detained at Guantánamo, but the New York Times is most notable for its unfiltered recycling of out of date and long-discredited DOD claims and its sensationalizing of inflated risk assessments over revelations of abuses committed by the U.S. For example, the Times lists five Russian men as being recidivists when not even the DOD continues to include them since they were tortured on their return to Russia (as documented by Human Rights Watch). A Center for Constitutional Rights client, Abu Sufian Ibrahim Ahmed Hamuda bin Qumu, is also listed as a recidivist, when in fact he was jailed on his return to Libya and is now allegedly fighting with the U.S.-supported rebels, as is made clear in another article in the same paper. . . .

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