Save the World…But Lighten Up!


by Carly Hill

Doug Giles, mastermind behind, recently posted an article on his site charging conservatives to relax a little…stop saying the word “communist” so often and to watch some comedies once in a while.

“Watch comedies. A lot of activists are meaner than snakes. They’ve got a snap factor that makes Obama look sedate. Here’s an FYI: You’re miserable to be around. Lighten up. Laugh. Be the Churchillean “Happy Warrior”, por favor. Try not to say “communist” so often and chuckle a little more.”

What a refreshing thing to read on a political website. I get so bogged down with negativity, writing about politics every day. When you’re writing on conservative politics during a time in history where America has the most liberal president we’ve ever had, it can get discouraging. Sometimes, I’ll ask our Facebook fans to share something positive about our country and the typical answer is something like “Conservatives are standing up and fighting against how crappy everything is.”

I’m not knocking that answer. Unfortunately, it’s kind of true. From a conservative viewpoint, there’s not much to be applauding in Washington D.C. but while we’re fighting for our country, we have to make sure we don’t become bitter, angry, news-obsessed people who can’t crack a smile.

Being an informed Millennial is kind of a rarity, isn’t it? Sure, we’re out there, but just try saying things like “Benghazi” and “Putin” and “Debt Ceiling” in your dorm room and see how many weird looks you get. All that to say, being informed is GOOD. Knowing what’s happening in the world and studying history gives you power. But, you need to keep some perspective and remember that news and politics isn’t everything.

No matter how nutso things get in D.C., this is still America and our lives are still a million times better than most people’s lives elsewhere in the world. We can go to church and worship God freely. Have our religious rights been under fire under this administration? YES. But, we still have them. We are fighting to keep them, but they’re THERE.

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