Saudi Arabia Offers Aid for Refugees: We’ll Build 200 Mosques in Germany


One has said that a person seeking justice should expect to give justice.  It is this basic understanding of fairness that most people appeal to when we look at people’s action.  Do we give the same treatment to others that we ask or expect from them?  For many, it is an issue of hypocrisy.  So, when one group demands universal acceptance but accepts no one else, people begin to think of the apparent hypocrisy.  This is happening with Saudi Arabia.

Breitbart reports:

The Saudi government will not accept any migrants from Syria, but it will build 200 Saudi-run mosques in Germany to hinder any social integration of the Muslims into Germany’s liberal and low-conflict society.

Now, Saudi’s concern is that these Syrian migrants going to German will lose their religious convictions.  The fear is that they will go into a liberal secular society and become assimilated into that culture—a society that has slowly strangled the Christian faith from the remaining Christians there already.

The problem for most should be that these same people that seem so concerned with the plight of these refugees have all but refused to take in any of them.  There seems to be no move within Saudi Arabia to bring any of the refugees of the war in Syria to Saudi.  They are glad that they are going to Europe because they want Islam to spread to cover the earth, and this will help to accomplish that through what is called hijra.
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