Satan Will Have a Church AND a Government:


by Joe Wurzelbacher

Hmm..where have I heard that? Oh, yeah – from that book this country was in large part founded upon: The country to which the world looks to when they’re in any sort of trouble. The country that steps up to the plate whenever there’s a Tsunami, a Hitler, an AIDS epidemic, a Saddam, a boat lift, a Bin Laden, an earthquake, a genocide.. you get the picture.

Now, inside this great nation we have a large group of folks who talk crap about America. We’re a racist country, even though millions of people of color gladly leave their families and homes from thousands of miles away (or sometimes just a hop, skip or swim across the border), with some doing so at great risk to life and health to get here because they know America is one of the most welcoming, tolerant, party-friendly destination for all races. That’s right – head over to Mexico’s southern border and see what happens to folks who try to cross illegally if you’d like to see a serious immigration policy at work..

These same liberal numbnuts would have you believe we’re nothing but a bunch of imperialist, mother-earth destroying, oil-barons who drive around eating cheeseburgers (mmm.. that sounds good) at the expense of the lowly global citizen, who only wants a bowl of rice and peace in our time. Forget the fact that we saved the global citizen from Fascism, we single-handedly hold most lunatic dictators in check and our crops feed the world..

Is that Bob Crane?.. “Hogan!!!”

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