Sarah Palin: Dead To Them. Deadlier To The Political Conformist.


by Leslie Deinhammer

It was confirmed February 12 that Sarah Palin will speak at the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Pundits, left and right, reacted with a collective cringe while writers at ‘Saturday Night Live’ escaped the unemployment line for three more weeks.

As can be expected, Palin’s clichéd colloquialisms will draw the ire from the urbane. Snippets of “drill baby drill,” “lame street media,” and “hopey, changey stuff” will saturate the throng until viewers have lost consciousness. Palin’s befitting message of less government interference and energy independence as foreign policy will be drowned out by inferences to Tina Fey.

For a person charged with being redundant in her messaging, Palin’s critics are redundant even more so. Charged with idiocy; folksiness and fringe, the public is led to believe that Palin‘s appeal is only palatable to far right devotees.

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