Santa Claus Is White


by Kevin Jackson

Megyn Kelly is right: Santa Claus is white. Why are Liberals in an uproar over Kelly’s comments, when they have Barack Obama?

As a young black kid growing up, I never really thought about the ethnicity of Santa Claus, I was just glad he was there every year. As a poor kid, anything that would get me a few gifts was a welcome surprise.

I did notice that Santa was always slightly different picture to picture, person to person. He always had the iconic red and white suit with the black belt, his face sported the big white beard, and he was cherubic.

However, I knew something was up. People wanted me to believe it was the same guy, but I could see the slight difference even though “white people all look alike to me.”

The last Christmas I spent with my mother before her death, my stepfather dressed up like Santa late one evening. My brother and I were awakened by my mother and escorted to the living room, where we were treated to a skinny black Santa who looked and talked exactly like “Daddy Tom.”

Nice try, but I knew Santa was white.

There were other clues; like Santa having lots of elves working for him year round in preparation for the big day. These elves were either black slaves stuck in a circa 1860’s time warp or some {insert 3rd-World nationality} working in a sweat shop.

“Who cares…just bring me my toys,” was my gleeful, self-indulgent thought.

Even later in life when the concept that Santa is black was proffered to me, I thought, “Who cares?”

Santa Claus is a concept, a construct that parents use to raise their kids.

“I guess you don’t want anything from Santa this year?”

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