San Antonio, TX Paves the Way for Unemployed Homophobes


This is America; so henceforth it is no longer permissible to publicly display a Bible or profess your faith if you are serving in the United States military. Although abortion is applauded, homosexuality mainstreamed, teen sex encouraged, and college coeds short on contraceptive cash subsidized, government-sponsored prayer in public school is now strictly prohibited.

That’s why it stands to reason that a trend is starting in San Antonio, Texas wherein restrictions directed against Christians are formally being codified. In San Antonio, based on one’s Biblical faith, if an individual ever expressed the opinion that homosexuality is wrong, a new non-discrimination code would forbid that person from working in city government.

The new non-discrimination code includes a section entitled “Prior Discriminatory Acts,” which would hamper Bible-believing Christians’ ability to work in San Antonio city government for prior acts deemed discriminatory.

The measure says the following:

No person shall be appointed to a position, if the City Council finds that such person has, prior to such proposed appointment, engaged in discrimination or demonstrated a bias, by word or deed, against any person, group or organization on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, age, or disability.

What is unclear is who determines what exactly is meant by “engag[ing]in discrimination or demonstrat[ing]a bias, by word or deed, against any person, group or organization.”

Charles Flowers, a pastor in the San Antonio area, said the proposed policy revisions are “unprecedentedly wrong.” Flowers rightly points out that “The ordinance … says that if you have at any point demonstrated a bias — without defining what a bias is or who will determine whether or not one has been exercised — that you cannot get a city contract.”

One thing is certain – if an individual, even in word, violates the non-discrimination policy, punishment will rapidly follow.

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