Samuel L. Jackson to Obama: ‘Be a Leader. Be F******g Presidential’


By Teri O’Brien

It’s no surprise that actor James Woods continues to rock the Twitterverse with his criticism of Barack Obama’s policies. It’s widely rumored that there is a fairly large group of Hollywood conservatives, who exchange knowing glances and gather in furtive meetings, careful to stay closeted, lest they endanger their careers. Mr. Woods came out of the closet years ago. Maybe he doesn’t want to work anymore, or maybe he just got sick of pretending. We all know how stressful it can be to try to be someone you’re not. Just ask Bradley, I mean Chelsea, Manning.

It is quite surprising, though, when an enthusiastic Obama supporter, who appeared in a re-election ad for the One before last year’s election, unleashes a profanity-laced rant, expressing his disgust with our historic current occupant of the Oval Office. What has star of Pulp Fiction, and numerous other Hollywood hits, Samuel L. Jackson so annoyed? Has he seen the light about the train wreck that is Obamacare, barreling down the tracks, destroying jobs, terminating health insurance plans that people have had for years, and throwing a huge, heavy wet blanket on economic growth? Is he appalled at the unholy mess the Obama administration has made of foreign policy, especially in the Middle East? Is he outraged over the remaining unanswered questions about the murder of four Americans over a year ago in Benghazi? No, it’s speech and grammar.

It was cadaverous Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who first commented on, and then later apologized for mentioning, Barack Obama’s legendary on-off “Negro dialect”, in which he can lapse into the cadence of a black preacher, complete with dropping his “Gs”, and otherwise sounding very “street.” (In fairness to B. Hussein, as transparently phony as this act is, it’s not nearly as cringe-inducing as Hillary Clinton’s infamous Selma performance, in which she quoted Rev. James Cleveland, and drawled “I ain’t in no ways TAAAHHRED.”)

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