Salon, Vox, Media Elitists, Endorse Global Human Rights Abuses Against Women and Girls


Numerous examples abound of media elitists opining in defense of Islam. Not only do they defend and advocate in favor of Islam, they refer to anyone who discusses what the Qur’an teaches in derogatory terms, most often describing them as “Islamaphobic” and bigoted.

Recently, announced that the totalitarian political ideology of Islam provides women equal rights that women in America do not have under the U.S. Constitution.

Salon-Islam also suggests that most Americans fear Muslims because “overt islamophobia on american tv news is out of control.” Furthermore, any American who suggests “the idea that all 1.6 billion Muslims are somehow responsible for the actions of a handful of extremists whom they abhor, and the implicit call to collectively punish all Muslims in retaliation for a few bad apples” is a bigot.

Yet, neither news aggregator site actually reports the fact that the majority of Islamic controlled countries implement brutal human rights abuses specifically against women and girls. 

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