“Safe Spaces” trump Free Speech


Tip toeing through the minefield of a college classroom. “Husband,” “wife,” “mom” and “dad” are all taboo. Don’t bother uttering them or you’ll get the boot and your grade will suffer. Free speech is no more. It’s all about “safe spaces” now. And if you don’t comply, you will pay. Like in this class. It’s a required class for some, so don’t step on the professor’s safe space! You may not get your degree!

David Bego, author of Devil at our Doorstep, says we need a president who understands business and free enterprise. The unions also flex their muscle with media networks. They had Glenn Beck removed from Fox. And they were probably instrumental in making sure Scott Walker got no talk time in the debates.

Unions are losing marketshare b/c people are waking up to the fact that unions aren’t for them. They have their own agenda.

One of the reasons wages have not increased is because illegals paid under the table drive wages down.
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