Ryder Cup Regrets


Perhaps the less said, the better, about the embarrassing American results in this year’s Ryder Cup and indeed in Ryder Cups in general dating back 20 years, apart from Ben Crenshaw’s team’s mystical comeback at Brookline in 1999 and the anomaly of semi-easy win at Valhalla in 2008. It was eight full years ago that I wrote a whole column asking if Americans are becoming losers (athletically), and summarizing the theme by writing that “SADLY, THE PROBLEM DOESN’T SEEM to be confined to sports. Somewhere along the way, our national will, our national hardiness and our national competence seem to have started to wane.” In the Ryder Cup, the astonishing statistic (if I heard it correctly) entering today’s singles matches was that of the last 31 Ryder Cup games that went all the way to the 18th hole, the United States had won the 18th hole only three times.

That’s pathetic.

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