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The lead up to the release of ‘Anchorman 2’ has seen everyone’s favorite fictitious newsman pop up across the country and draw a significant amount of media attention. Dressed as his character Ron Burgundy, the protagonist from the hit comedy ‘Anchorman’, Will Ferrell has played a central role in the public relations campaign for his upcoming film. This includes Burgundy trying his hand at covering real-world news, spending a day on a college campus and the news that he will be hosting an upcoming edition of Sportscenter.

Saturday Evening News

This past Saturday, Ferrell appeared in character to host the Saturday evening news for viewers in Bismarck, North Dakota, according to MSN News. As a guest anchor for local station KXMB, Ferrell provided what turned out to be a combination of real-world news and comedic commentary. For those of us who have seen the original anchorman, it was no surprise to see Burgundy flirt with his fellow anchor, misread lines and add his own editorial comments. If he wasn’t famous and was your typical news anchor you would think he needed an alcohol detox. But, being Will Ferrell, you can do those things.

As for the real news, some of the featured topics included Black Friday, local holiday celebrations and the weather. Burgundy’s full newscast can be viewed on the KX News website.

Emerson College

One of the more creative aspects of the PR campaign for ‘Anchorman 2’ took place at Emerson College in Boston, MA. On Wednesday Emerson renamed its school of communications the “Ron Burgundy School of Communications”, as cited by MASSLive. This was the official name of the school for the entirety of December 4th, with Burgundy making an appearance to commemorate the renaming.

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