RNC Debate Outrage Fake


The aforementioned abysmal deportment of the moderators gave rise to a story all its own last week, when on Wednesday, their behavior during the CNBC GOP debate reached extremes sufficient to elicit outrage from both Republicans and Democrats. Then, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus went public with his disgust, excoriating the press and announcing that the RNC was suspending its partnership with NBC for broadcast of the debates. Here, I find Mr. Priebus’ outrage somewhat curious, not because the debate moderators haven’t behaved abominably, because they have.

Their conduct however, reveals even more about the RNC, its leadership and GOP lawmakers than it reveals about the moderators.

What gave the moderators the indication that they could exhibit such open disdain for Republican candidates with impunity? It’s quite unlikely that they would have knowingly done anything that might cause millions of Americans to question their credibility.

So why did they do it?

I believe I have an answer.

Crucial though it may be for liberal ideologues to portray Republicans in a horrid light, I think it became evident to both the RNC and certain network news bureau chiefs that the ongoing debate fiasco threatened to make known the truth of this back-and-forth between the Republican power structure and the liberal press.
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