Riots, Welfare Racism, Rampage? Obama’s Legacy of Hopelessness?


by Kevin Fobbs

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A suburban St. Louis, Missouri city is still smoldering in hot ashes from riots this week, as charges of racism and white police brutality are hurled into eagerly awaiting mainstream media cameras covering this lawlessness. The tragic death of Michael Brown. an unarmed teenager who was shot by a white police officer has been raised by Ferguson city protesters as the match that lit the fuse for the this summer’s riotous rampage.

Rage, fear and paralyzing hopelessness are truly the root emotions that seek and find refuge in the plantation of welfare entitlement thinking that President Obama has provided poor, black and minority citizens in America. Every action and every single syllable that has been uttered to cause a curtain of race baiting demagoguery to be embraced in urban America can be traced back to Obama’s pursuit of Democratic black victimization electioneering.

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