Rick Perry: Indicted for Integrity


Guest post by Matthew Ung

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So let me get this straight.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has been indicted by a Travis County grand jury. I’m going to sound callous for a minute so bear with me: Nevermind the penalty. Nevermind whether it helps or hurts him short term. Nevermind whether it helps or hurts him long term. Why on earth was he indicted?

Because he took a courageous stand, and drew a line in the same against a criminal serving in public office who wouldn’t resign. This isn’t about Rick Perry, this is about a leftist democrat and Travis County District Attorney named Rosemary Lehmberg. After thoroughly embarrassing all her constituents by flailing, slurring, and threatening officers in her holding cell, she pled guilty to being three times over the legal limit with a .238 BAC on April 2013. After spending 45 days in jail, she fought hard in a civil lawsuit to stay in office. She refused to resign… because… what’s a little drunk driving from a sitting District Attorney?

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