Rhode Island Receives Poor Grades in Economic Standing, Business Climate, Report Shows


Providence, RI — The state of Rhode Island continues to suffer from poor grades in an astonishingly high number of national indices, according to the third-annual Report Card on RI Competitiveness, published today by the Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity, a non-partisan public policy think tank. Per the report card, the Ocean State graded out at a D or F in all (10) major categories and in (41) of (52) sub-categories.

The report card, which measures the Ocean State’s regional and national rankings, most as of 2013, shows that the state has accomplished little in the past two years to improve its overall competitive status, despite repeated proclamations to the contrary from political leaders. This 2014 version does not take into account legislation from the state’s 2014 General Assembly session.

“Year after year we hear talk about positive legislative steps, yet our state’s failing grades have somehow worsened in relation to other states. For every step forward, we take even more steps backward. This is stagnation at best,” said the Center’s CEO, Mike Stenhouse. “Imagine your child coming home with a report card with 80% of the grades at D or F. It’s time for a parent-teacher conference.”

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