Revolutionary War Forebears: the Old Rules Didn’t Apply



This cartoon is based on an actual occurrence from our Revolution.

A black man (maybe a slave, maybe not, there were many freemen who were black at that time like Crispus Attucks who was killed by the Brits in the Boston Massacre) shot and killed a British colonel in one of the first battles. He was, as I recall, a militiaman. In other words, he came to the fight with his own gun like all the other militiamen present. And for you liberals I will make this as plain as possible so the point will not be lost on you (maybe). If the militia involved in this particular fight hadn’t shown up (with their own guns), the battle may have been lost (which it may have been anyway, I don’t recall, most of the early ones were lost). And perhaps there would never have been an America and an American Constitution for loud-mouth sanctimonious liberals to pervert.

At any rate, the bigger point of this cartoon is simply that WE THE PEOPLE don’t much care for tyrants. Also note that during that era the unwritten rule during battle was that you didn’t target officers. It was unthinkable that soldiers in battle should be allowed to think for themselves. Without officers it was believed battles would become disorderly conflicts between common, lowly, ungentlemanly fellows who were, at best, cannon-fodder requiring incessant monitoring by their betters.

We don’t understand this concept today because we are Americans …and have been for a long time. And we’ve watched lots of movies about military conflicts and read stories where officers are often portrayed as self-serving idiots. (I suspect there may be some truth to that idea, based on some stories my Dad told me about the Army; while on the other hand, the Marines make their officers get in the back of the chow line when in the field … because then they know if the quartermasters are providing chow as required … and … to show their respect for the enlisted ranks who bear the brunt of combat.) But what do I know?)

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