Revenge, Not Justice: The Lynching of George Zimmerman


Getting out of the car against the advice of a 911 dispatcher: stupid, but not criminal.

Following the suspicious person you called police about: reckless AND stupid, but not criminal.

Killing the assailant in self-defense when he turns on you and starts bashing your skull against the pavement: tragic, but not criminal.

The jury in the Zimmerman trial had no choice but acquittal because there was no criminal wrongdoing.

(Reckless stupidity is not currently an indictable offense in Florida.) The duty of a jury is to apply the rule of law to the facts they are presented with, not to serve Zimmerman’s head on a platter to appease the angry mob.

But the angry mob is crying out for blood. What they thirst for is not justice, but revenge. Until George Zimmerman, the sacrificial lamb, is thrown to the wolves so they may satisfy their blood lust, there will be no peace.

What should have been a matter of justice has become a race hustler’s feeding frenzy. Applying the rule of law after evaluating the factual evidence is justice. Claiming that justice has been denied because they do not like the ruling shows that vengeance, not justice, is what they seek. That the documented facts do not support allegations of racial profiling means nothing. The false narratives promulgated by the media, spewing claims of racial profiling in an endless cine loop, is meant to indoctrinate the public, which will eventually accept this version as fact. As the public is misled and manipulated by the media, justice is trumped by a manufactured civil rights crisis. Truth be dammed, for Zimmerman will be sacrificed on the altar of public opinion, despite the jury ‘s decision.

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