REVEALED: Khan Deeply Tied to Islamic Investors, Clinton, Saudi Arabia, Sharia Law


When Hillary Clinton had Khzir and Ghazala Khan to step up on stage at the Democratic national convention, they were supposed to appear as simply grieving “Gold Star parents” of a Muslim-American soldier killed in Iraq in 2004… and it worked, for a while.

In his speech, Khan blasted Donald Trump for wanting to temporary halt immigration from Muslim nations tied to terror, and an all-out media war was launched in multiple attacks on Trump, as if he was somehow responsible for the soldier’s death himself. Trump’s comments on the matter in interviews have resulted in severe backlash from Democrats and GOP insiders as well, and, as Breitbart writes, “the media is driving the train as fast as they can” to maximize the attack on Trump.

However, a few sources have taken the time to peal back the curtain on the Khans and their connections, and what has been revealed tells an entirely different story.

Shocking revelations include that Khan has deep financial and legal connections to the Muslim immigration industry, and well as connections to the Saudi Arabian government, and to the Clintons themselves.

Khan’s own website (which he hurriedly DELETED) confirmed that he specialized in a controversial visa program that allows wealthy foreigners to invest in American businesses and property as a means of buying citizenship for themselves and their families – a program mostly used by Islamic investors.

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