A Return to Greatness


by Lainie Sloane

Just when people are fleeing California because of exorbitant taxes, high unemployment and big government, in steps a candidate for Governor who could turn California’s mess completely around. His name is Tim Donnelly and he believes strongly in Americans’ constitutional rights and the welfare of citizens. He is a man who is known for being “the real deal,” one who pulls no punches about how he feels about his state and America losing their constitutional rights! I call him Reaganesque.

On November 5, at Darafeev Furniture factory in the Los Angeles area, Assemblyman Tim Donnelly said, “Today, I am proud and honored to officially announce my candidacy for Governor of California. I’m in it to win. Thank you to all who gave me support and advice over these past several months—your help will mean a great deal as we fight for a brighter California future…We need to make California golden again. Now let’s get to work!”

For the past year, Tim has traveled throughout California talking to its citizens about their major concerns. With the state’s high unemployment and resulting rates of poverty, along with high taxation, he said Brown does not deserve another term. “We now face a crucial juncture for our state and the next generation of Californians. We must seize this moment, liberate Californians from oppressive taxes and regulations protect our rights and secure our future.”

“This epic experiment in socialism under Jerry Brown has been an epic failure.” Donnelly continued. We need to get California working again. We need to unleash California’s prosperity by getting government out of the way. We need to liberate California from oppressive taxes and regulations.”

It’s refreshing to have a true patriot—not a politician—a man who is not looking to make his life’s job living off of taxpayers, but rather a grass roots, down-to-earth family man who desires to make the economy and schools family friendly. It’s not job security he’s looking for, but rather providing people jobs with lower taxes and making people secure in their government—a government governed by the people and for the people, not by statists.

Watch Tim Donnelly’s first campaign video below—and watch for his bus as he begins a statewide tour kicking off his official campaign. If you have not had an opportunity to volunteer or donate to Tim’s campaign, please visit www.electtimdonnelly.com.

Via PolitiChicks.tv

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