Retired Cops Fly Anti De Blasio Banners Over NYC


There is a time when a commander realizes he has lost the trust and confidence of his unit — and failure to do so has adverse ramifications.

In the mini-series “Band of Brothers,” the initial commander for Easy Company was a tough trainer and drove the men hard, but when they went out on maneuvers at Ft. Bragg, they realized LT Sobel couldn’t lead. When they deployed over to England, Sobel’s problems increased — and the non-commissioned officers revolted. In the end they were able to make LT Winters their company commander — and the rest is history.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio may well have reached his tipping point with the New York Police Department.

As reported by The Daily Caller, a group called “”Retired NYPD for a Safe New York have been hiring planes to fly banners over the city blasting de Blasio. “Two more anti-Bill de Blasio plane banners flew over the Hudson on Tuesday. “De Blasio. You Failed All NY’ers. It’s Time. Resign,” read one. “New York Support The NYPD. Rest in Peace Dets Liu & Ramos,” said the other.”

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