No Rest for Rep. Scott Rigell


The August Congressional recess is typically a time for members of congress to take a break from the daily mayhem that is making laws for our nation. They get a break from the frenzied walks around the Capitol, and have a break to catch up with friends and family in their district. Legislative business stops, and the regular media frenzy slows to a more normal pace.

But this August recess is not like the others. After all, it’s not every day that a middle eastern president uses chemical weapons on his own people (allegedly).

So while President Obama mumbled on about the “red line” that embattled Syrian president Assad crossed by attacking his own people with Sarin gas, members of congress remained largely uninvolved.

All but one, that is.

Congressman Scott Rigell of Virginia’s Second Congressional District is a different breed of representative – and that’s a good thing. A really good thing. Currently in his second term in office, Congressman Rigell has made a name for himself as a true conservative, but one that is open to debate and discussion, and who always votes his conscience and his district. In days where your run-of-the-mill congressman votes to help his fundraisers and special interests, Rigell is a welcome breath of fresh (and ethical) air.

And when President Obama asserted his apparent monarchal status to attack Syria, Congressman Rigell alone stood up and demanded congressional approval before President Obama could plunge us into another middle east conflict. It was August 26th when Congressman Rigell’s office released the following statement (edited for length only):

Citing America’s 2011 action in Libya as a violation of the Wars Powers Resolution, today Congressman Scott Rigell (VA-2) released a statement urging the President to consult Congress prior to any engagement of the U.S. military in Syria.

Rigell, a member of the House Armed Services Committee said: “As the President considers next steps in Syria, I call on him to consult Congress as prescribed by the War Powers Resolution. Congress is not a potted plant in this process, and President Obama should call us back into emergency session before authorizing the use of any military force. We stand ready to share the burden of decisions made regarding U.S. involvement.”

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