Responding Appropriately to Obama’s Fraud and Other Crimes


Each of us in our own way and with the personal skills that we have would act quickly and decisively to protect our families should someone threaten them verbally or physically. We understand our priorities and react motivated both by love and by the degree to which our loved ones are in danger. We would not stand by and do nothing – at least those of us with a backbone, or those of us who do not have another agenda.

Folks are shaking their heads as they watch what is going on in the world and then see the response of the leader of the free world – at least that used to be the position of the President of the United States. In the past, the American response to things was a response that reflected the belief systems of the free world. The underlying philosophies that showed the principled beliefs of America that included the equality of all its citizens (and not one group above another) would be the expectation of West and world communities.

But we have seen those principles set aside again and again by the leaders of both the government and those agencies mandated with our protection ceded. The responses continue to puzzle the world press – the leaders however, rely on their intelligence agencies for the truth of what is going on.
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