Republicans Voting For Hillary Clinton Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves


I cannot believe that I actually have to write these words, but here goes, Republicans who are voting for Hillary Clinton because they don’t like Donald Trump should be ashamed.

I’m not talking about Republican voters choosing to vote 3rd Party, or choosing not to vote (though you might argue that this is simply a different kind of vote for Hillary – which I won’t be engaging here). No, I’m talking specifically about Republican voters who are choosing to cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton because they find Mr. Trump detestable.

For example, see the case of Mr. David Nierenberg, who was the finance chair for Mitt Romney’s presidential bid in 2012. Mr. Nierenberg told MSNBC on Friday that he would be voting for Clinton because for him “it’s all about character.”

I will be voting for Hillary Clinton… For me it’s all about character, temperament and fitness to be president. It is the most powerful person in the free world. I’m a father of 3 adult children, I want to be thoughtful about the world in which they are going to grow up. They’re probably going to live till the end of this century. God willing they will have children of their own. I want to have a president who is centered, stable, civil, decent, compassionate, inclusive not divisive, not name calling, not scapegoating, not verbally abusive. And, from having worked with Mitt for 39 years – because he was my first boss – and then worked with him as a volunteer for years in his campaign, I have a sense of what a presidential temperament is like.
People may disagree with Mitt’s positions on some issues, they may regret some individual things that he has said, but I don’t think there is anybody who would say that isn’t a decent, compassionate, competent, capable man who was ready to President. And I simply do not think from everything that I have been seeing and reading – the crisis of the day – including the things you’ve been talking about in the last several minutes, I don’t think Donald Trump will ever be fit to be the President of the United States.

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