Reports from Tahrir Square: Egypt in Transition


Egypt faces turmoil. About a year after Mohamed Morsi won election with the Muslim Brotherhood backing, Egypt’s oppressed citizens have risen up again. Protestors’ cries for Morsi’s expulsion have led to his removal and last we heard, he was under house arrest at an undisclosed location. Tensions now rise as the questions on U.S. aid, violence, new leadership and Egypt’s near future abound. Over in the Middle East, an Egyptian with family and friends staked out in Tahrir Square offered me his perspective on some of these issues via Twitter.

Self-described humanist, architect and graphic designer Mohamed, an Egyptian with ties to both friends and family daily in Tahrir Square, shared on Twitter what he called the Egyptian perspective on the uprising. He indicated the military intervention is simply a response to the people’s uprising against Morsi and that this is not a coup. He went on to relay sentiments from those friends and family describing the square, “feels like a festival,” “happy and celebrating the army move” while “friends who are cops are very optimistic” and “although they are saying it crazy but they are moving fast against what they are calling terrorist threats!”

When asked about Egypt’s interim President Adly Mansour, Mohamed confirmed his perspective on Mansour as a relatively unknown and uncontroversial figure. Many reports have commented on Mansour’s neutrality and place on the Egyptian Supreme Constitutional Court. Mohamed stated, “He is the head of the Supreme Constitutional Court, a position you have to be very honest & clean history. Other than that he is cleric. A very by the book person! Neutral when it comes to politics!”

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