Replacing Michelle’s Lunch Bag With a Barf Bag


It looks as if Michelle Obama’s lunch bag is about to be replaced by a barf bag. At least that’s what some parents say is needed to accommodate the First Lady’s healthy lunch program.

Thomas Jefferson once said that “[a]government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have,” and that certainly applies to changing the menu for government-subsidized free breakfast and lunch programs.

The government once gave tater tots, pizza, and peanut butter cookies. Now the government has taken those choices away and replaced them with choices and portions that have school children on the verge of hurling.

For a while now, students have been filling up the trash cans in cafeterias with Michelle’s healthy lunch choices. The kiddies claim they are starving. Burly football players were close to fainting at after-school practice sessions.

This whole mess started when Michelle Obama, in an effort to address the increasing BMIs of America’s children, dipped her big toe into the school lunch program debate. While there, Mrs. Obama wiggled herself into the position of decision maker, dictating what and how much America’s school children get to eat.

Now, in Harlan County School District in Kentucky, in response to parental, administrative, and student dissatisfaction, a special board meeting was held where participants voiced their complaints about the “quality and amount” of food served to children at school. Complaints varied. Some board members said children were not being fed enough, while others complained about what the children were being fed.

Jack Miniard, director of school and community nutrition, said the new Michelle Obama-directed USDA regulations under the 2010 Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act prescribe foods the kids would rather not be eating, as well as unsatisfactory portion sizes.

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