Rep. Steve Stockman: The Revolutionist America Needs


The other day while doing a little Facebook surfing, I noticed a meme from Doug on the Clash Daily Facebook page that illustrated a famous painting of Thomas Jefferson with the print, “If I had a son, he would have started a revolution already.” I obviously “liked” the photo, and moved on. While I tend to “like” pretty much everything Doug posts, this meme really caught my attention and got me thinking. It got me thinking about what a trying time this country is in, and that we are literally on the brink of cultural, racial, and economic turmoil.

Unconstitutional initiatives and legislation are being introduced as “solutions” to problems that Liberalism has created. Our “leader” is a joke on the national and international scene. Our allies and enemies don’t respect us. I could go on, but as I got more depressed about the digression of my beloved country, I resorted back to that meme and thought, “HOW and WHY has NO ONE started a revolution by now?”

This once prosperous and independent country has been desecrated and flipped over from the inside out. When I think of yesterday’s America, I think of hard work, freedom, integrity, personal responsibility, and my heart fills with patriotism and pride. Then when I think of today’s America, I am reminded of this administration’s epic failures, lies, and inability (or unwillingness) to lead this country.

President Obama cannot or will not perform the basic requirements he was elected and sworn to fulfill. Our country is now bruised, disfigured, and battered — and I feel (as I’m sure many do by now) as though the GOP has done nothing to reclaim America’s greatness and potential. GOP “leaders” like John McCain and Marco Rubio want to maintain party status quo so as to not create political waves or “turn off” young people and conservative “moderates” (whatever that is).

I’m going on the record right now and saying: McCain and Rubio, we don’t need you. Maybe the old GOP needs or wants you, but we “revolutionaries” are no longer interested in settling for political and moral mediocrity. The leaders we need are men like Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and my new favorite, Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX).

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