Remember When Being a Champion Meant Something?


There was a time when a Superbowl champion from a pioneer farming family would have been the Republican Party’s dream of a Congressional candidate. Now, he is their target.

Lifetime Republican Clint Didier, a former NFL player for the Washington Redskins and the Green Bay Packers, boasts three Super Bowl rings and coached two Connell High School National High School Football Championship teams. He won his August 4th Congressional District primary by six points. He knows what it feels like to work hard and to win. One might say he is the epitome of a champion.Clint believes in the American Dream because he has lived it. He is running for office to preserve this ideal for his children and grandchildren, making no bones about being a Constitutional Conservative. “We’ve got to reign this government in,” he stated in a recent interview. If elected, he would fight to repeal and defund Obama Care.Clint is for no new taxes and supports putting boots on the ground to secure our border. He believes strongly in our free market system. Simply put, he wants to “be part of the answer instead of the problem.”

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