Released Illegals Commit More Crimes


Let’s all listen to the sound of amnesty. If you recall, in 2013, the Obama administration released 36,000 illegal alien criminals into our communities. Those 36,000 illegal alien criminals were responsible for nearly 88,000 convictions including 193 homicide convictions, 426 convictions for sexual assault, 303 kidnapping convictions, and 16,070 convictions for drunk or drugged driving. Out of those 36,000 released, one thousand have gone on to commit other crimes, “including child sex abuse, hit-and-run and child cruelty, according to new data released Friday evening by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles E. Grassley.” Of course these are just “dreamers” who come to our country for a better life for themselves and their family – they just want to work and live productive lives here in a country of immigrants. That is the Obama mantra at any rate.

The data provided to Sen. Grassley by the Department of Homeland Security details all the convictions including dozens for drunk driving, drug offenses, and weapons charges. However, domestic abuse, carjacking and aggravated assault were among the more serious. One illegal alien criminal, known as No. 960 “was subsequently convicted of inflicting injury on a domestic partner; child cruelty, with the possibility of injury or death; probation violations; speeding; driving without a license; and failing to appear in court.” No. 960 probably thought he would get a “pass” at court appearances since he more than likely skipped his illegal entry hearing with impunity.

Sen. Grassley stated, “The Obama Administration claims that it is using ‘prosecutorial discretion’ to prioritize the removal of criminal aliens from this country. But this report shows the disturbing truth: 1,000 undocumented aliens previously convicted of crimes who the Administration released in 2013 have gone on to commit further crimes in our communities.”

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