Regulating Halloween for ALL kids? – More Lunacy on College campus’


Parent posts sign asking parents not to hand out candy with peanuts, gluten, or dairy so that their kid can enjoy Halloween. So everyone ELSE has to suffer for this one kid? How fair is that?!?

Do you REALLY know what Halloween is all about & why we do what we do? Check it out!

Hr2 Joe rants on Liberals trolling his Facebook page. If you think everything Joe does is wrong, stupid, invalid, whatever… he’s probably reading YOUR stuff ON AIR!

Xander Gibb and Joe talk fatism, fat acceptance, and fat people. #Irony.

“Kissing sounds,” “leering,” and “invading someone’s personal space” all constitute sexual harassment at Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. People really need to get a grip!

Why aren’t black communities up in arms about the murders of black cops? And the black on black crime in predominantly black communities?

Hr3 Tell me again why we let illegal alien who have committed a crime are allowed to remain in the country… DHS: 179,027 “CONVICTED” criminal aliens with deportation orders remain in U.S…. WHY?!?!?

Hmmm… looks like border fences DO work. Hungary’s invaders drop from 10,000 per day to dozens.

RNC pulls next scheduled NBC debate after last debate debacle.

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