Refugee vs Fetus: Who Does America Care About More?


The vitriol and hyperbole that is coming from the mainstream media is palpable. From the left’s “Women’s March,” to the protests at the airport regarding detainees and/or refugees, is mind numbing and head spinning to say the least.

Personally, I have read many stories from friends’ on the left and the mainstream media that argue you cannot be “Pro-life” and ignore the Syrian Refugee crisis. I would like to address that issue now…

First, you equate a helpless unborn baby to able body men, women and children (who are already born). That is but your first mistake. The unborn child has no advocate to speak on its behalf (other than the ultrasound which the left detest).

Your argument is that citizens of a foreign nationality take precedence over an unborn child. Is that the crux of your argument? All right, let us address that issue. My pastor in his sermon last week, spoke of “doing justice, being kind, and walking humbly with God.”

Accepting the refuges as you are so inclined to do, does not address the issue of doing justice. You have removed a person from his homeland and have not addressed the issue of why that person is fleeing in the first place. That (resettlement) is just a temporary fix to a much bigger problem that has yet to be addressed by you or the new Administration.

Is it kind to remove a person from their homeland, or, is it kinder to tackle the real issue that the former President skirted? Like many, I watched in horror as Assad and Putin leveled Aleppo. The U.S. did not cause this situation, however, it quickly escalated due to President Obama’s feckless foreign policy (remember that red line in the sand).

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