You Should Reconsider Your BuzzFeed Addiction


by Spencer Brown

The long titles that beg for attention, the GIFs of kittens and puppies rolling in leaves, I mean what’s not to love? Well if you’re asking, a lot.

I’m as guilty as the next millennial of pouring through “listicle” after listicle of DIY ways to make a dorm room kitchen less cluttered or how to get free samples of household products. But that is not the problem with BuzzFeed. Sharing quick tips and life hacks are two things that make the internet so useful for wasting time. The problem comes when BuzzFeed presents itself as a news outlet, and millions of people believe it. Even BuzzFeed’s “Breaking News” section is nothing more than an aggregation of already-posted information. All BuzzFeed does is essentially hit the “re-post” button from stories coming in from the AP newswires or media organizations. It’s not real reporting, and it’s not real journalism, but even worse, it’s horribly slanted.

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