Recent Behavior Suggests It’s Time For John McCain To Retire


There used to be a tradition that America’s politicians (or wannabes) aren’t supposed to criticize the U.S. or it’s leaders outside the country. The thought being with all our differences we are still one united country.  Barack Obama was criticized for breaking that tradition, especially during the apology tour at the beginning of his first administration. One would expect and “old-school” politician like John McCain to follow that tradition. But McCain is establishment with a capital “E.” That may be why he feels the need to bash president Trump even at a conference in Germany. And that was just one signal during the past week that maybe John McCain days of serving this country should be over.

1) McCain Gets Punked

He recently got punk’d by a pair of Russian pranksters who convinced the Senator that they were actually the Prime Minister of Ukraine. The pranksters asked McCain to explain what President Trump would be doing about Vladimir Putin’s aggressive stance, to which McCain answered, “I have to be very frank with my friend, the prime minister. I do not know what the president is going to do.” If that weren’t bad enough, McCain eventually also promised send powerful military hardware to Ukraine in an effort to help defend themselves against the Russians!

2) McCain Either Breaks Tradition Or Doesn’t Know He’s Out Of The Country:

McCain is currently in Europe for the very important international security conference taking place in Munich, Germany. His speech was rife with condemnation of President Trump and his foreign policy ideas, and full of pleas for his European counterparts to remember that while Trump may be President, the American system has checks and balances on his power. McCain went so far as to articulate that the Europeans could remain confident in America because much of the Trump team is made up of mainstream Republicans who won’t support Trump’s Foreign Policy ideas.

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