Rebuilding Jefferson’s Wall to Protect Your Church from Gay Gestapo


Homosexual activists, called the Gay Gestapo by lesbian Tammy Bruce, are busily suing or harassing every Christian business owner and wedding vendor they can find. So far they have gone after wedding photographers, bakers, florists, wedding chapel operators, counselors and now even wedding planners.

Lana Rusev, who runs Simply Elegant Wedding Planning in Jacksonville, Fla. turned down a lesbian ceremony because of her deeply held conviction that marriage is exclusively a one-man, one-woman institution.

Rusev’s family fled Ukraine 26 years ago just to find freedom from this kind of anti-Christian hatred and oppression. Welcome to the land of the free, eh?

Your church may be next. Do not think for one minute that the First Amendment all by itself will guarantee your church’s protection from rabid gay activists and their minions in the court system. The courts have already shredded the First Amendment virtually beyond recognition, and as far as protecting your church’s religious liberty, it may be hardly worth the parchment it’s printed on.

What can your church do to make its stance abundantly clear and head off possible lawsuits at the same time? The elders of the church I belong to, Hope Church in Tupelo, MS, have formally recommended to our church family an amendment to the Constitution and bylaws that spell out in no uncertain terms the church’s stance on homosexuality and gay marriage.

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