REALITY “STAR” SLAMS DUCK DYNASTY: Phil, ‘Wants to F*ck and Kill Ducks’


This is from Capt. Paul Watson’s Facebook page. Let him know how you feel:

You can also contact Animal Planet to tell them how you feel about Capt. Paul Watson’s letter here:

Network: Animal Planet @animalplanet, [email protected]

John Barry: Senior Vice President of Ad sales at Discovery Communications (Animal Planet’s parent company) Ph: 212.548.5555

Scott Felenstein: Senior Vice President Advertising Sales Ph: 212.548.5555

Clash Daily Contributor Brittany Pounders, from, has compiled a list of some advertisers and also of the above Animal Planet contact information. Let’s tell them how we feel about Watson’s crude letter to Phil Robertson:

Romano Macaroni Grill: @MacaroniGrill / 1-972-674-4300

Yellawood: @yellawood / (334) 585-2291

BRP (Recreational Vehicles) 715.848.4957 / [email protected]

Association of Zoo’s and Aquariums Jill (301) 562-0777, x242 / [email protected]

Hillshire Jimmy Dean 1-800-925-3326


Sears: 800-549-4505 / 800-697-3277 / @searsdeals

Subaru (1-800-782-2783) / @subaru_usa

Applebees 1-888-592-7753 / @Applebees

Capitol One @CapitalOne / 1-800-955-7070

Fed Ex: (800.463.3339) /

Basic Talk : @basictalkphone / 1-866-382-3770

Whataburger : 210-476-6000

Dodge: @dodge / 800-423-6343

Captain Paul Watson
My Message to the Patriarch Duck Dunce

From one so called Reality TV Star to Another

Captain Paul Watson of Animal Planet’s Whale Wars sends a message to Phil Robertson of A&E’s Duck Dynasty.

Dear Phil,

I am confused. How can you equate homosexuality with bestiality? You’re hardly in a position to say such a thing when your business is manufacturing duck mating calls that essentially declare that you want to fuck a duck.

You are flirting with bestiality Phil.

You not only seduce defenseless innocent ducks, you kill them when they approach you. Sort of reminds me of Ted Bundy.

You are also seducing ducks through fraudulent behavior. Essentially you are lying to the ducks. And you’re peddling duck seduction devices in a quack-pot scheme to enrich yourself on the suffering and death of hundreds of thousands of innocent ducks.

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