The Reality of Open Borders in America


by Dr. Jacqueline Lang

It amazes me that so many D.C. politicians want to all of the sudden visit and talk about the wide-open border between Mexico and America. It’s seems like they never heard of it before. These wannabe leaders, both Republicans and Democrats, that want to visit a border that has been wide open for generations are a disgrace to the Nation. I don’t care if they’ve been sitting in D.C. for 2 years or 40 years–their #1 job is National Security, and they’ve created absolutely no results with concerns to protecting actual physical borders that affect American lives. Their performance receives a failing grade, ”F.”

What are the effects of open American borders on generations of Americans?

Terrorist Concerns
National Security threat to infrastructure
National debt
American youth access to drugs
Mexican gangs
and the list goes on…

What Americans are affected the most from open borders? American children.

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