Real Political Leadership is Fearless in the Culture War


What we’ve heard from most of the Republican candidates for president isn’t exactly inspirational when it comes to the issue of marriage. A few of them say they believe marriage is between one man and one woman, but that they’d also attend a “gay wedding.”

Liberalism comes as one big package: high taxes, massive government, a loss of liberty, a weak military and foreign policy, lousy schools and health care, and worst of all, cultural Marxism. You can’t pick and choose. It all comes together.

There are a lot of deluded Republicans who think we can appease the crazy lefties on the social issues and still win the war of ideas when it comes to economic and foreign policy. They’re wrong.

Would-be Republican leaders need to speak boldly when it comes to all the issues. Yes, the media will go crazy. So what? There is liberal fantasy and there is conservative reality. The public will never learn the difference if our candidates continue to obfuscate, cower, and mumble.
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