Ted Nugent: Real Immigration Reform Starts in Mexico


Watching Democrats do immigration reform is like watching a gorilla play with its feces. Watching the Republicans do it is like watching the zoo-keeper slip in the dung, then get pummeled by the gorilla. The truth is that Democrats and the Whig corner of the Republican Party are battling over who gets to be the slave master, with Democrats wanting to enslave the American people and the Whigs – the Mexicans. There are few voices out there that sound like real Republicans, like our abolitionist forefathers who displaced both parties and led the nation to greater freedom.

One voice crying in the wilderness is Ted Nugent. In an op-ed for Worldnet Daily, Ted proposes his Nugent Immigration Plan or NIP – A plan that would deport gang-bangers and ne’er-do-wells while giving a 5 year trek to those who want to achieve citizenship for a better future. It’s kind of like a 60 month Tough Mudder but instead of receiving the orange headband at the end, you raise your Dos Equis to the golden ticket of American freedom. Ted’s plan is unique, brilliant and daring and if enacted, would solve many of the problems of illegal immigration but even the Ted offensive falls short of realizing the root of the problem that is illegal immigration – Mexico.

You will never have “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” without addressing the root problem – Mexican corruption. No wall is sufficient to stem the tide of illegals if there is no enforcement on either side of it. The wall will simply be another government works program, a “Big-Dig- Paved with Good Intentions – Bridge to Nowhere” debacle that will be skirted as easy as the cartels avoid our border police. Not addressing the corruption in Mexico and only muting the corruption in D.C. is “tending to the symptoms while ignoring the disease;” it is giving a dying man a placebo. No plan that doesn’t start and end in Mexico is for real. Now let’s break down this whole situation logically.

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