Reaching the Zombie Obsessed Youth


Today’s Guests:
Lyda Loudon: Why are the youth obsessed with zombies, death, CSI, Breaking Bad, etc.?
– Lyda is host of Sarcasm Overdose at and Founder of Tea Party Youth
– Twitter: @LydaLoudon
Evan Sayet: How to Adopt a Liberal
– Conservative Comedian and Author of The Kindergarten of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks
– Twitter: @EvanSayet
K. Carl Smith: How can we successfully reach out to minorities?
– Founder and Chairman of Conservative Messenger and author of Frederick Douglas Republicans
– Twitter: @FDRepublicans
Michelle Huffman: Bridging the divide between the GOP and Hispanics
– Twitter: @PeachesAndPuma
Donlyn Turnbull: Blondes vs. Brunettes
– Host of the Donlyn Show at & the official Dr. Gina Show guest who doesn’t suck
– Twitter: @DonlynTurnbull

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