Rand Paul: Seeking Liberal Votes to Win


If you’re like me, you may have been wondering over the last year or so why Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has started out with such a good conservative voting record, yet as he started unofficially running for president, he also started pandering to the Left with his rhetoric.

In case you weren’t aware of some of this, I’m talking about his call for the Republican Party to surrender on social issues, pandering to the illegal alien crowd, going soft on abortion, banking liberal on voter ID, and endorsing a liberal RINO like Susan Collins.

And let’s not forget his recent attempt to blame “hawkish” (i.e. people for a strong defense, including protecting American interests around the world) Republicans for creating the radical extremist ISIS group, sounding more like a blame-America-first liberal than a conservative Republican.

So how does a guy with a pretty solid conservative voting record over the past four years or so start talking like a liberal on the presidential campaign trail?  It seems Rush Limbaugh has provided the answer.
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