Rand Paul: We’re All Racists Now


by Steve Deace

Somebody save Rand Paul from himself.

At a time when champions for liberty are in short-supply, someone has apparently convinced the original “wacko bird” that the road to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue isn’t “stand with Rand” but “where does Rand stand?” Because, you know, it worked so well for President Romney or something.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

Ambitious Republican wants desperately to be president, so he begins what amounts to a nationwide pandering tour. To show he’s not like all those other “spiteful conservatives” that inhabit his party, he preemptively apologizes for what his base believes, or even presumes to sanctimoniously lecture them why they’re wrong to offend the very people trying to dismantle American Exceptionalism institution-by-institution, cherished ideal-by-cherished ideal.

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