Why Radical Feminists Don’t really Want Hillary to Win in 2016


by David L. Goetsch

The talk on the street is that a win for Hillary Clinton in 2016 would be a win for radical feminism. On the surface such thinking appears to be a no-brainer. After all, Hillary Clinton is the reigning princess of radical feminists—the most visible, best-known, and, arguably, the most successful member of the women-who-want-to-be-men club. To have one of their own in the White House—not as wife of the president, but as the President of the United States—would be the crowning achievement of feminism, or so goes conventional wisdom. But with politics, things are rarely what they seem. The truth is, few things scare those who lead the feminist movement more than a successful run for president by Hillary Clinton.

To believe that leaders of the radical feminist movement want Hillary Clinton to win the presidency is to believe that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton want to see racial harmony in America. What feminist leaders have in common with Jackson and Sharpton is an unhealthy dependence on victimhood. Like race hustling, feminism has grown into a thriving industry, an industry that must be continually fed with copious amounts of cash from donors who are true believers. Consequently, the poor-me syndrome is both the lifeline and the Achilles Heel of radical feminists in the same way it is for the corporate titans of the race-hustling industry.

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